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FREE Guitar Riffs

Learn great new techniques and expand your phrasing skills with our Free guitar riffs.
Our Riff sessions provide you with :

  • A tablature transcription
  • A brief lesson explaining the theory, influence and application of the riff
  • An audio clip so that you can listen for the proper timing and dynamics
  • A video clip so that you can analyze the techniques.

All of this is provided to you for

In addition to that, we post all of this information here on the site.
 Once upon a time,
we used this page for a free guitar riff of the week program.
 However, it became far
too much work to maintain, particularly given the fact that it was a free program and
didn't generate revenue to justify the considerable time expense.  Sure, we could have
sold ads, but we never felt comfortable with the idea of pumping people's email inboxes
full of ads.  Plus, people were only able to access one riff per week.  So, if they didn't like
the style of that weeks riff, they had to wait another full week.  So, we changed it. Now,
you can review the materials right here on the site or download them directly to your
computer.  We will occasionally rotate the riffs posted here so be sure to add us to your

Let's get started!

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